OSA Fall Vision Meeting, Reno 2018
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Conference Program

UNR campusThe UNR campus

Note: the following information will be updated as the program is finalized.

Sessions will be held on the UNR campus. The venue is roughly a mile north and a 15 to 25 min walk from the hotels, and is also connected by a frequent bus line. Directions will be provided.

Thursday September 20 (JCSU Theater)
2:00 - 4:00 Pre-conference seminars:
Cortical correlates of amblyopia: what information is lost and why?
Lynne Kiorpes
What can aftereffects reveal about the functional architecture of human gaze perception?
Colin Clifford

Friday September 21 (JCSU Theater)
8:00 Conference opening

8:15 Symposium: Environmental influences on visual development and processing
(Moderator: Lynne Kiorpes)

8:15 Retinal image quality, alignment and stability during human infancy
Rowan Candy
8:45 On the development of vision following late emergence from blindness
Ehud Zohary
9:15 Long term contrast adaptation in human vision
Stephen Engel
9:45 The determinants of human performance limits in speed discrimination with natural stimuli
Johannes Burge

10:15 Break

10:30 Contributed talk session: Color (Moderator: Rhea Eskew)

10:30 Horizontal lines in the MacLeod-Boynton diagram: Saturation discrimination and hue discrimination compared.
Marina Danilova & John Mollon
10:45 Color vs. motion: Decoding perceptual representations from individual differences
Kara Emery, Vicki Volbrecht, David Peterzell & Michael Webster
11:00 Colour and achromatic contrast adaptation: different adaptation effects at detection threshold and suprathreshold contrasts
Erin Goddard, Robert Hess & Kathy Mullen
11:15 Estimating illuminant color in a shadow
Keiji Uchikawa, Masayuki Sato, Shoji Sunaga, Takuma Morimoto
11:30 Evidence for non-linear interactions between endogenous cortical rhythms and periodic chromatic inputs
Miaomiao Yu & Alex Wade
11:45 High acuity vision corrected for chromatic and monochromatic aberrations is associated with color discrimination without red-green or blue-yellow sensations
Alexandra Neitz, Xiaoyun Jiang, James A. Kuchenbecker, Sara S. Patterson, Anna-Lisa Doebley, Maureen Neitz, Jay Neitz & Ramkumar Sabesan
12:00 Predicting the appearance of light targeted to spectrally identified cones
Brian Schmidt, Alexandra Boehm, Austin Roorda

12:15 Lunch (provided)

1:15 Contributed talk session: Anatomy and physiology (Moderator: Kathy Mullen)

1:15 Ultrafast laser induced retinal degeneration model in macaque using adaptive optics
Kamal Dhakal, Sarah Walter, Christina Schwarz, Jennifer Strazzeri, Brittany Bateman, Ebrahim Aboualizadeh, Jennifer Hunter, David Williams & William Merigan
1:30 Optogenetic vision restoration in the living macaque
Juliette McGregor, Sarah Walters, Keith Parkins, Kamal Dhakal, Jennifer Strazzeri, Brittany Bateman, David Williams & William Merigan
1:45 Development of a chemical retinal prosthesis
John Troy, Corey Rountree & Laxman Saggere
2:00 Evaluating relationships between cone density, ganglion cell metrics, and foveal structure
Erica Woertz, Jenna Cava & Joseph Carroll
2:15 Brain-state dependent properties of color-coding cells in marmoset lateral geniculate nucleus
Paul Martin, Alexander Pietersen, Calvin Eiber, Natalie Zeater & Samuel Solomon
2:30 Survival of retinal ganglion cells after damage to the occipital lobe in humans is activity-dependent
Colleen Schneider, Emily Prentiss, Ania Busza, Kelly Matmati, Nabil Matmati, Zoe Williams, Bogachan Sahin & Brad Mahon

2:45 Break

3:00 Conference Welcome (President Marc Johnson, University of Nevada, Reno)

3:10 Tillyer Award Lecture
Binocular vision is adapted to the statistics of the natural environment, Marty Banks

4:15 Bus to Lake Tahoe

5:45 Tillyer Award Part II and conference dinner: Lake Tahoe cruise

Saturday September 22 (Davidson Math & Science Center)
8:00 Symposium: Progress and challenges for using high-resolution imaging in clinical trials
(Moderator: Jessica Morgan)

8:00 Anatomic measures as primary outcomes in clinical trials
Catherine A. Cukras
8:30 Adaptive optics regulatory science at the FDA
Daniel Hammer, Zhuolin Liu, Nikita Kedia, Anant Agrawal,
Johnny Tam & Osamah Saeedi
9:00 Advances in Imaging-Based Biomarkers for Studying Retinal Disease
Joseph Carroll
9:30 Adaptive Optics Images in Clinical Trials of Retinal Disease
Jacque Duncan

10:00-12:30 Poster Session 1

11:45-12:30 MacLeod Symposium Lunch (provided) and posters continued

12:30 MacLeod Symposium Part I: Late-life crises (Moderator: Brian Wandell)

12:30 The spatial extent of desensitization to repeated light stimulation on the retina
Alexandra Boehm, Brian Schmidt, Dennis Levi & Austin Roorda
12:45 Boosting anomalous colour vision
Jenny Bosten
1:00 How visual working memory exploits environmental structure
Edward Vul
1:15 Vision in the blind
Ione Fine
1:30 Pulse trains to percepts: The challenge of creating a perceptually intelligible world by electrically stimulating visual cortex
Geoff Boynton
1:45 Color perception in observers with varying photopigment opsin genotypes
Kimberly Jameson, Kirbi Joe,
Timothy Satalich, Vladimir Bochko, Shari Atilano & M. Cristina Kenney

2:00 Break

2:15 MacLeod Symposium Part II: Mid-life crises (Moderator: Steven Shevell)

2:15 Psychophysics beyond the laboratory, Richard Brown
2:30 Transformation from retinotopic to spatiotopic reference frame in the absence of awareness
Sheng He
2:45 Seeing through a linear-nonlinear double-decker sandwich: the distorted world of Donald MacLeod
Andrew Stockman
3:00 The optoretinogram at 38
Jeff Mulligan
3:15 Changes in Estrogen Activity Can Measurably Affect SWS-Cone-Mediated Visual Response: Why Is this Important?
Alvin Eisner
3:30 “The Snake” equally modulates both brown and brightness
Steve Buck

3:45 Break

4:00 MacLeod Symposium Part III: Early-life crises (Moderator: Tony Movshon)

4:00 The upper depth limit as a function of eccentricity
Susanne McKee, Saeideh Ghahghaei & Preeti
4:15 Why hearts flutter
Stuart Anstis
4:30 Living briefly without blue-sensitive cones
Patrick Cavanagh
4:45 Global motion and math in typically and atypically developing children
Oliver Braddick & Janette Atkinson
5:15 Two photon ophthalmoscopy reveals a new oddity of S cones
David Williams, Robin Sharma, Soon Keen Cheong, Matthew Keller, Jennifer Hunter & Christina Schwarz

5:45 Bus to Virginia City

7:00 MacLeod Symposium: Part IV: Impending crises and conference dinner (Moderator: Michael Crognale)

Sunday September 23 (Davidson Math & Science Center)
8:00 Contributed talk session: Vision (Moderator: Paul Martin)

8:00 Effects of attention and spatial frequency on pupillary response
Xiaofei Hu, Rumi Hisakata & Hirohiko Kaneko
8:15 Link between facial identity and expression abilities suggestive of origins of face impairments in autism: support for the social motivation hypothesis
Ipek Oruc, Fakhri Shafai & Grace Iarocci
8:30 Eye fixation frequency affects visual memory performance
Bernhard Fehlmann, David Coynel, Nathalie Schicktanz, Annette Milnik, Leo Gschwind, Andreas Papassotiropoulos & Dominique DeQuervain
8:45 fMRI response patterns in human somato-motor cortex predict memory advantage for real objects versus their image
Michael Compton, Sara Fabbri, Edward O'Neil, Lars Strother & Jacqueline Snow
9:00 The conflict between accommodation and vergence demands during human early childhood
Sonisha Neupane, Vidhyapriya Sreenivasan, Yifei Wu, Celina Fraire, Katie Connolly, Elizabeth Murray, Don Lyon & Rowan Candy
9:15 Local reliability weighting predicts trial-by-trial responses in a natural detection task
Eric Seemiller, Stephen Sebastian & Wilson Geisler
9:30 Computational observer modeling of the limits of human pattern resolution
Nicolas Cottaris, Fred Rieke, Brian Wandell & David Brainard
9:45 A simple binocular mechanism for grouping
Steven Shevell

10:00-12:30 Poster Session 2

11:45-12:30 Lunch (provided) and posters continued

12:30 Symposium: Sight restoration technologies (Moderator: John Troy)

12:30 Visual restoration by an infrared photovoltaic implant and by optogenetic therapy: validation in non-human primates
Serge Picaud
1:00 Towards a micro-coil based cortical visual prosthesis
Shelley Fried & Seungwoo Lee
1:30 Why aren't retinal prostheses as good as cochlear implants, and what can we do to change that?
Gislin Dagnelie
2:00 Testing vision is not testing for vision
Eli Peli

2:30 Business meeting and Young Investigator Award

3:00 Close of meeting

5:00-8:00 Conference picnic dinner

Local organizer contacts:
Organizing committee:
Michael Webster (mwebster@unr.edu)
Michael Crognale (mcrognale@unr.edu)
Fang Jiang (fangj@unr.edu)
Paul MacNeilage (pmacneilage@unr.edu)

Administrative contact:
Leann Kumataka (kumataka@unr.edu)

Technical contact:
Sean O’Neil (sfoneil@gmail.com)

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