OSA Fall Vision Meeting, Reno 2018
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Conference Program

UNR campusThe UNR campus

Note: the following information will be updated as the program is finalized.

Sessions will be held on the UNR campus. The venue is roughly a mile north and a 15 to 25 min walk from the hotels, and is also connected by a frequent bus line. Directions will be provided.

September 20
5:00 – 8:00 PM Reception at the National Automobile Museum

September 21
9:00 – 5:00 talk and poster sessions and Tillyer Award address
Banquet dinner 1

September 22
9:00 – 5:00 talk and poster sessions and DonFest
Banquet dinner 2

September 23
9:00 – mid afternoon talk and poster sessions, business meeting, Young Investigator Award

Invited Symposia
This year the meeting will include 4 invited symposia and 3 contributed talk sessions

Invited Symposia:
1) Environmental Influences on Visual Development and Processing
    Confirmed speakers: in progress
2) Progress and Challenges for Using High-Resolution Imaging in Clinical Trials
    Confirmed speakers: in progress
3) Sight Restoration Technologies
    Confirmed speakers: in progress
4) Don MacLeod symposium
    Confirmed speakers:
    1. Stuart Anstis (UC San Diego)
    2. Ally Boehm (UC Berkeley)
    3. Jenny Bosten (U Sussex)
    4. Geoff Boynton (U Washington)
    5. Oliver Braddick (Oxford)
    6. Steve Buck (U Washington)
    7. Patrick Cavanagh (Dartmouth)
    8. Alvin Eisner (Portland State)
    9. Ione Fine (U Washington)
    10. Sheng He (U Minnesota)
    11. Kimberly Jameson (UC Irvine)
    12. Peter Lennie (U Rochester)
    13. Suzanne McKee (Smith-Kettlewell)
    14. Jeff Mulligan (NASA Ames)
    15. Ken Nakayama (Harvard)
    16. Andrew Stockman (UCL)
    17. Ed Vul (UC San Diego)
    18. David Williams (U Rochester)

Local organizer contacts:
Organizing committee:
Michael Webster (mwebster@unr.edu)
Michael Crognale (mcrognale@unr.edu)
Fang Jiang (fangj@unr.edu)
Paul MacNeilage (pmacneilage@unr.edu)

Administrative contact:
Leann Kumataka (kumataka@unr.edu)

Technical contact:
Sean O’Neil (sfoneil@gmail.com)

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