OSA Vision Meeting 2017
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Conference Program

Confirmed Invited Talk Sessions:

1. Lighting, Color Rendering, and Color Vision

2. Material Perception

3. From Retina to Extra-striate Cortex:  Forward Models of Visual Input

4. Applications of High Resolution Retinal Imaging

5. Myopia Development.

Confirmed speakers of 2017 meeting includes:

Ken Nakayama, Harvard University
David Brainard, University of Pennsylvania

Lorne Whitehead, University of British Columbia
Anya Hurlbert, University of New Castle
Mark Fairchild,, Rochester Institute of Technology
Bei Xiao, American University
Shin’ya Nishida, NTT Japan
David Huang, Oregon Health and Science University
Don Miller, Indiana University
Stephen Burns, Indiana University
Rigmor Baraas, Buskerud University
Brian Wandell, Stanford University
Noah Benson, New York University
Kendrick Kay, University of Minnesota
Ione Fine, University of Washington
Andrew Pucker, University of Alabama Birmingham
Greg Schwartz, Northwestern University
David Troilo, SUNY College of Optometry
Machelle Pardue,  Georgia Tech
Manuel Spitschan, Stanford University

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