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Conference Program

Friday, October 16th

9:00-11:00  Session 1 (Invited) – Enhancing Vision with Technology

Scott Daly (Dolby)                     Perceptual issues in the design of
                                                      a High Dynamic Range ecosystem
Gordon Wetzstein (Stanford)       Emerging Trends and Applications of Light Field Displays
Glenn Schuster (UCSD)             Wearable wink-controlled telescopic contact lens
                                                     with liquid crystal shutter glasses
Steve Ellis (NASA)                    Visual Stability of Virtual Objects and Virtual
                                                     Environments During Movement

11:00-11:30  coffee break

11:30-12:15  Session 2 (Contributed) – Vision Potpourri

Adam Dubis (UCL)            Multimodal Imaging of the Tapetal-like Reflex in
                                      Carriers of RPGR-associated Retinopathy
Jonathan He (Alcon)         Simulating Defocus Curves for Monofocal Intraocular
                                        Lenses with Different Spherical Aberrations
John Vanston (UNR)          Minimally distinct border judgments and contrast: effects
                                        of eccentricity

12:15-2:00  Lunch on your own

2:00-3:45  Session 3 (Contributed) – Eye Movements or Binocularity

Mike Landy (NYU)                Sub-optimal integration of orientation across saccades
Bruce Bridgeman (UCSC)       Scanpaths can enhance saliency estimation in photographs
Natela Shanidze (SKERI)       Relative eye position during monocular and binocular pursuit
                                        in central field loss
Yamamoto Shoji (TMCIT)       The Difference of Velocity between Eye and Head Movement
                                          under Mental Fatigue Condition
Holly Gerhard (Stanford U.)  Stereopsis development in human infants: Sensitivity to
                                          relative versus absolute and horizontal versus
                                          vertical disparity using sweep SSVEPs
Tanner DeLawyer (UW)         Dichoptic presentation separates brown induction
                                          from red/green balance change
Jamie Opper (Colo. State U.) Binocular and Monocular Color Perception

3:45-4:30  coffee break

4:30-6:30  Session 4 (Invited) – Classics of Vision Science

Celeste McCollough-Howard (retired)     How a new visual aftereffect happened to turn
                                                                 up at Oberlin, 50 years ago
Norma Graham (Columbia U.)              Summation of sine-waves at detection threshold:
                                                   One way of investigating spatial-frequency channels
Colin Blakemore (U. London)             Into the Third Dimension
Julie Schnapf (UCSF)                    The Spectral Tuning of Primate Cones: A History

7:00-10:00  Friday evening social

Saturday, October 17th

9:00-11:00  Session 5 (Invited) – Color Memory

Steve Shevell (U. Chicago)            Binocular Color Rivalry Reveals Underlying Process
                                                    of Working Memory
Maria Olkkonen (Durham U.)         Color memory and visual processing
Wei Ji Ma (NYU)                          Probabilistic reports of working memory for color
Declan McKeefry (U. Bradford)  The Retention and Disruption of Colour Information
                                                in Human Visual Short Term Memory

11:00-11:10  Poster Blitz #1

William Grussenmeyer (UNR)          Tactile perception of spatial distances in blind humans
Alex Kale (UW)                       Natural scenes are a possible source of luminance-
                                              dependent long-term chromatic adaptation

David Kane (U. Pompeu Fabra)         The impact of ‘crispening’ upon the perceived
                                             contrast of textures
Del Lindsey (OSU)                    The color communication game: performance
                                              vs. competence
Takuma Morimoto (Tokyo Inst. Tech.)  Luminance-balance based estimation of an
                                            illuminant in chromatically biased scenes
Jacek Turski (UH)                    The Geometric Horopter and Perception
Joris Vincent (UW)                   Is brown induction just brightness induction?

11:10-11:40  coffee service

11:15-12:30  Poster Session 1

12:30-2:00  Lunch on your own

12:30-2:00  Lunchtime event for students and post-docs
                      Weiji Ma (NYU) - "Growing up in science"

2:00-3:30  Session 6 (Invited) - Navigation and oculomotor considerations
                                   in visual rehabilitation

Cynthia Owsley (UAB)      Visual Risk Factors and Screening Tests for
                                            Motor Vehicle Collision Involvement:
                                            A Population-Based Study
Miriam Spering (UBC)      Seeing and moving: how eye movements improve
                                            hand movements
Preeti Verghese (SKERI)    Oculomotor considerations in
                                            macular degeneration

3:30-4:00  Panel Discussion:  The role of electronic media in vision science

Steve Shevell (U. Chicago)
Hoover Chan (Sacred Heart School)
Beau Watson (NASA)

4:00-4:30  coffee break

4:30-6:00  The Boynton Lecture

Donald MacLeod (UCSD) - Color, Cones and Connectivity

7:00-10:00  Banquet – Gordon Biersch Brewery Restaurant

Sunday, October 18th

9:00-11:00  Session 7 (Invited) - Quantifying visual performance and acuity

Beau Watson (NASA)          Modeling visual acuity
Ian Bailey (UCB)           The visual acuities and their clinical measurement
Ayeswarya Ravikumar (UH)    Quantifying visual acuity from image quality metrics
Susana Chung (UCB)          Do Fixation Strategies Change with Target Size?

11:00-11:10  Poster Blitz #2

Kunihiro Hatakeyama (Yamagata U.)   Examination of the color matching function with
                                                           a narrow-band LED system
Giovanni Fusco (SKERI)              Assessing Patients with Central Field Loss Using
                                                         a Low-Cost Virtual Reality System with
                                                         Head Tracking
Saeideh Ghahghaei (SKERI)           SKERI-Optos: a graphical user interface to map
                                                          scotoma and PRL with the Optos OCT/SLO
Jeff Mulligan (NASA)                Measurement of Visual Reaction Times using
                                                         Hand-held Mobile Devices
Lauren Welbourne (U. York)          Population receptive field (pRF) mapping using
                                                         chromatic and achromatic stimuli
Sanae Yoshimoto (Japan Women's U.)  Individual differences in visual motion perception
                                                         and the associated excitatory and inhibitory
                                                        neurotransmitter concentrations in the brain

11:10-11:40  coffee service

11:15 – 12:30  Poster Session 2

12:30-2:00  Lunch on your own

2:00-2:30  Presentation of the Young Investigator Award / Business Meeting

2:30-3:45 Session 8 (Contributed) – With Ties to Physiology

Al Ahumada (NASA)               Learning L/M specificity for ganglion cells
Brian Schmidt (UW)              How does the brain interpret signals from single cones?
Jihyun Kim (U. Pompeu Fabra)    Brightness assimilation predicted already at retinal
                                           level due to the effect of wide
                                           receptive-fields of inhibitory feedback cells
Amithavikram Hathibelagal (Queensland U. Tech.)   Visual pathway specific temporal white
                                          noise alters mesopic rod signalling
Jamie Zeitzer (Stanford U.)     Temporal integration of light in a human non-visual circuit

3:45  -  meeting ends

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