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Overview of the Conference
The Fall Vision Meeting is a single-track meeting meaning that attendees can see all presentations. Topics are arranged broadly around the four OSA Vision and Color technical groups: Vision, Color, Applications and Clinical. We accept submissions on all aspects of vision science.

Sessions for the 2011 Meeting are:

Classics of Vision Science
Moderator: Steve Buck
Speakers: Gerald Westheimer, John Robson, Tom Cornsweet, and Anita Hendrickson

Connectivity Maps in the Brain
The emerging field of connectomics has the potential to revolutionize our understanding of anatomical and functional neural networks. This session will delve into the current investigations of the connectivity of networks from retina to cortex.
Moderator: Alyssa Brewer
Speakers: Robert Marc, EJ Chichilnisky, David VanEssen, Bob Dougherty

Rehabilitation and Adaptation to Visual Impairment
Understanding the visual consequences of injury and disease, as well as the plasticity of the brain itself, provides new insight for the development of rehabilitation approaches that encourage and improve adaptation and daily function. The work presented in this session explores adaptations to low vision, blindness and traumatic brain injury, the last of which has seen a marked increase due to the improvised explosive devices in modern warfare.
Moderator: Susana Chung
Speakers: Gordon Legge, Krystel Huxlin, Suzanne Wickum, Eli Peli

“What the Brain Doesn’t See”
William James described the visual world of a baby "as one great blooming, buzzing confusion" and suggested that the role of a mature visual system is to filter out distracting, irrelevant stimuli. We are largely unaware of the degree to which this occurs all the time. In a few cases, however, there are percepts which are suppressed intermittently, allowing us to gain some insight into the underlying processes. In this session we examine four different examples of phenomena in which the brain actively suppresses suprathreshold stimuli.
Moderator: Jeff Mulligan
Speakers: Dov Sagi, Randolph Blake, George Sperling, Stephen Macknik

The Aging Visual System
As life expectancy continues to rise, there is an increasing desire to better understand age-related changes in the visual system. This session will explore current understandings of aging in topics ranging from spatial and color vision, to cortical organization, to neural mechanisms of memory and attention.
Moderator: Marilyn Schneck
Speakers: Sarah Elliott, Hugh Wilson, Allison Sekuler, Tony Morland

Cortical Pathways of Color Vision
The first stages of primate color vision, the transduction of light by three classes of cones and the subsequent recombination of these signals into cone opponent processes, are now understood in broad principle. The challenge ahead is to develop a better understanding of the way color is processed in the cortex. This symposium will highlight recent work that investigates cortical color processing, with talks that feature different physiological approaches and analyses across multiple cortical areas.
Moderator: Karl Gengenfurtner
Speakers: Greg Horwitz, Ann Roe, Soumya Chatterjee, Colin Clifford
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